Driver Monitoring Systems

We are authorised distributors of AI facial recognition systems. This internal camera system helps drivers to stay alert and focused when driving. It manages this by detecting internal and external distractions and signs of tiredness. And then grabs the driver attention back to the road with safe visual and audible alerts, in real time. The system repeatedly scans the driver for prolonged signs of distraction and also signs of fatigue, smoking, mobile phone usage. Just contact the team today to learn more about our specialist driver monitoring systems.

Driver Fatigue Management

An AI facial recognition system monitors the condition of the human eyelid and retina using facial infrared cameras. It monitors and evaluates the driver’s eyelids and retina for signs of fatigue; typically, as the driver drifts off to sleep, their eyelids gradually close and their retina darkens, rendering it less sensitive to changes in light. The system will identify these indicators and issue a loud audio alert and warning within seconds of the driver initiating sleep, thereby potentially rescuing the driver and other road users by rousing them. Drivers who are warned by the system’s alert are considerably more inclined to maintain focus or stop over and in a safe place for a moment of rest.

Why Driver Fatigue Management Is So Important

Research conducted by ROSPA indicates that driver fatigue may contribute to as much as 20% of all road accidents. This alone is a significant amount but coupled with other outside factors such as phone use, eating and other things the percentage increases. We can install state-of-the-art equipment that will monitor and respond to tiredness across all long-haul journeys to increase road safety for you and other vehicles on the road. Some of the most common distractions among drivers include:

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