Vehicle CCTV Systems

If you are a bus and coach operator looking for high quality CCTV security systems, then you have come to the right place! We are direct suppliers of specialist mobile security equipment for private bus and coach companies. With over 20 years of experience, we have installed an extensive amount of security systems for both single and double-decker buses and coaches across the UK. We have had the pleasure of working with a variety of reputable clients such as Cardiff Bus, Stagecoach and Pelican. And additionally, we also work with the leading suppliers of CCTV technology. Just call today to find out more, or to obtain a free quote.

Bus & Coach CCTV

Our digital video recorders and cameras are made especially for use in bus and coach applications, and they can endure common environmental problems like dust, vibration, and temperature changes. The camera arrangement ensures that all seating areas and entry doors are under surveillance, regardless of whether the vehicles are equipped with a single or double deck. Furthermore, a monitor can be placed close to the driver for monitoring purposes, and additional exterior cameras can be added as required to the front, rear, or sides of the vehicle. We will install the equipment at your premises to minimise any inconvenience and also provide you with further support if it is needed.

Why Is Bus And Coach Security So Important?

Vandalism, bullying, and abusive behaviour are common problems on school and public transportation buses. Therefore, installing mobile CCTV is as a great solution to address these problems, serving as a deterrent as well as a means of gathering evidence in the event that something untoward may happen.

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